Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The White Glove Award

Hey everyone! I’m back from my visit to Chapel Hill and missing it more than I ever thought I would. Last night I went to dinner with one of my coworkers Alyssa and when we were deciding on a place to eat I said “I’d really like to try Macaroni Grill but I’m not sure if they have one here in Chapel Hill”. Alyssa was really confused and was like you mean Orlando?? Ugh. That just shows you how my heart is still in Chapel Hill. I’ve decided that although I really enjoy it here in Orlando I definitely want to return to chapel hill for at least one more semester so I’ll be coming back in Jan. However, after working here I don’t think I want to return to work at Walgreens. I think Im just burnt out after working there for 6 years. I posted my resume online the night before last just to see what’s available and the next morning I received a phone call about setting up an interview for a company called Insight Global in Raleigh. I’m not able to take a job or interview in person right now but it makes me feel a little better about finding a job if I’m already getting a few responses. Thank you Carolina for being an amazing school :) I’ve been stressing out about finding a real job and applying to grad school for audiology but at least I have the Magic Kingdom to escape to for a little fun. Peter Pan says I shouldn’t worry myself with such nonsense. I wouldn’t call in nonsense but I guess I shouldn’t stress about as much as I have been

We had our first apartment inspection this morning..I really wanted to get the “white glove award” for having a super clean apartment so I made my roommates stay up and clean with me all night. I wouldn’t even let them throw anything in the trashcan this morning..they had to take it out before they left for work. I know it sounds mean but guess what?! We got the white glove award and got a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. They also take a picture of you and your awarded chocolates and post it up in the front office for everyone to see. I was the only one home so I asked to skip the picture because I wasn’t feeling well and not dressed yet. They told me that wasn’t an excuse and that they’ve pulled people out of bed for pictures so I had to take a picture in front of my apartment with the chocolates. I don’t have a copy of that picture to show you guys but my roommate and I took a picture after I got of class today so I’ll post that one.

Speaking of class, today was my first day in my leadership class. It seems like its going to be interesting. I really like my instructor..he is super energetic and positive about everything. He’s also worked in many departments throughout the Disney Company. The only thing I didn’t like was that there are about 80 of us in the class and about half way through he had us divide up by our work locations. I was grouped with 4 other entertainment cast members. I was really hoping this class would allow me to interact with people outside of my line of work so I can learn about their experiences here on the Disney College Program. Hopefully he won’t make us stay in these groups for every class.

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