Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kelsey and Samantha to the Rescue

This morning I decided to do something I never do...I took out the trash. Haha I’m ok with doing the dishes but I’m terrible about taking out the recycling and trash. But today I thought I’d be helpful and surprise everyone by taking out the trash! Well when I got to the dumpster and threw the trash in something caught my eye that made me take a double look. I thought I saw an orange tabby cat sitting inside with his head stuck in a can. I thought it might be a prop from Halloween and went to check the mail. After I got the mail I had to go back to the dumpster to look again. I took a closer look and yes it was a cat stuck in a can! I could see him breathing but then began to freak out because I wasn’t sure if he was running out of air. So I ran inside up to my roommates room I banged on her door screaming “Kelsey Wake up, Wake up Kelsey!!” She couldn’t really hear me because she was in the shower and later I found out that she just thought I was banging on her door to tell her that there was a gunman loose in Shands (the Hospital where we work and attend class). Yes there was gunman loose but I wasn’t concerned with that at the time. I was scared for this poor cat! I decided to text Kelsey and tell her she takes too long of showers and that a cat was in the dumpster with a can stuck on his head. I then went to my room and waited for her to get out of the shower.

I was too afraid to go rescue the cat myself because I don’t know what I’d do if I reached for him and discovered he was dead. Also, I have short arms and I would need help getting into the dumpster. When she got out of the shower she called me because she thought I was joking with her and trying to hurry her up. For those of you who don’t know Kelsey this girl must love animals more than people. She is forever trying to save their fact just last week she brought home 2 baby squirrels who had fallen out of a tree..sadly they died but at least she tried. So if you need Kelsey to move just tell her an animal needs to be saved. However, I was not joking! There was a cat stuck in a can that needed to be saved... So we ran out to the dumpster Kelsey (freshly out of the shower) climbed up and reached in for this cat. You could tell he had been stuck for a while because he wasn’t thrashing around but just sitting in the trash stuck. His face was all wet from the olive juice in the can she twisted and turned the can...the poor baby was really stuck :( Finally the can popped off! The cat hesitated for a half a second looked at Kelsey, looked at me and then darted! I’ve never seen a cat move so fast. Kelsey fell to the ground laughing so hard...I was still worried so we went searching for this cat. He was nowhere to be found but I’m guessing he’s ok and very glad to be free :) I asked Kelsey what was so funny and she said just think of what it would have looked like to other people had they been watching. Two college girls dumpster diving and then all of a sudden a cat sky rockets out of the dumpster. I guess it would have been an eyebrow raiser...haha Well anyways I hope the poor kitty has learned his lesson and doesn’t go sticking his head in places where it shouldn’t be. I’m glad I decided to take the trash out today and glad Kelsey has long arms and not afraid to get a little dirty :)

I wish I would have thought to take a picture of this incident.