My Testimony

This is my testimony..bits and pieces were taken from previous posts as the majority of this blog is about my ongoing pursuit of Christ.

Life before Christ:
I grew up going to church every Sunday but to me it felt more like a chore than anything else. I think I felt this way because I never really listened. I remember poking and pinching my sister throughout the service and using the worship guide as a doodle book. After Sunday passed I forgot about God until the next Sunday or the occasional Wednesday night bible study. I was spoon-fed what was right and what was wrong, how to be a good Christian and what made a bad Christian. I never got into any trouble growing up. I had religion but I was far from pursuing a relationship with Christ.
            It wasn’t until my early college years, did I really start listening and enjoying going to church. But even then I didn’t go as often as I wish I would have. When I did go to the occasional service back home I’d cry through the majority of it because I didn’t understand how I could be good enough for such a great God. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be there.  I was/am broken and a sinner.  I liked going to church but it was painful.

How I came to accept Christ:
During my senior year in college, I applied to several Master’s programs for Speech Therapy.  I felt confident that I would get in somewhere because I was graduating from a competitive, well known university and did well my four years there.  My world was thrown for a loop when I didn’t get into a single school I was interested in.  I was angry and didn’t understand.
            In March of that year, on a crazy whim I drove down to Atlanta for an audition to work for Disney.  I didn’t expect anything to come of it but thought it’d be a fun internship for after graduation since I didn’t have grad school to look forward to.  I drove 6hrs there, auditioned 3hrs and drove 6hrs back all in the same day.  A few weeks later I found out I got the job.
            In August of 2010, I left everything I knew behind and moved to Orlando by myself.  I didn’t know a single person.  This was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  During my 6-month internship I made some great friends.  One in particular led me to Christ and taught me it was ok to be different.  I’m not sure how to put it in words other than to say I fell in love with God.  Not only was I in pursuit of God, but I knew He was in pursuit of me.  I knew He accepted me, loved me and forgave me.  During that time in my life I learned to let God take the wheel in my life.

Life since Christ:
Since my relationship with Christ, I’ve been accepted into a Doctoral Program for Audiology at UF.  I now know God had a better plan for me from the very beginning.  I just needed to learn to trust in Him and let Him be my compass in life.   After the completion of my internship, I moved back to NC where God called me to make a public declaration of my faith in April 2011. I’m saved be the unbelievable grace by God and for that I’m beyond grateful.  I’m now at the point in my relationship with Christ that I’m ready to start giving back.  I aspire to live my life for all His glory.