Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Miss Perfect--Pageantry gone too far

Many of you know that I am a fan of beauty pageants as my sister and I have both competed in them over the years. And if given the opportunity I’d definitely do it again. However, something just doesn’t sit right with me when the announcer to “Little Miss Perfect” pageant advertises the pageant as a competition for excellence through God given beauty. I agree they are competing for excellence but not through God given beauty. National American Miss is a better pageant for God given beauty. In this pageant contestants under the age of 10 aren’t allowed to wear makeup and only model age appropriate attire. “Little Miss Perfect” pageant is more of a competition of talent and who can “wow” the judges the most through creative costuming and routines. It is a glitz pageant. In one episode the judges said the child was cute but didn’t have a chance to win that round because her hair wasn’t cartoon-big...I’m sorry but first off what is cartoon big? Haha and second even if I knew what that meant it isn’t God given beauty its 3 cans of hairspray and a hairpiece. These girls don’t even show their real smiles—most of them wear flippers which are false teeth for children who are missing a few. There is nothing wrong with glitz pageants as long as you understand it is a glitz pageant and no one is perfect.

This isn't my God given beauty but my glitz headshot meant to "wow" the judeges.

I think pageants have helped me boost my confidence and self-esteem but to me it was more of a stage performance than a competition to see who was prettier. I did it just for fun and if I didn’t win my feelings were not hurt and neither were my parents. I can’t stand watching the “Little Miss Perfect” pageant when a parent is screaming at their child because they missed a step or when a child is being forced to compete even when they don’t feel well. Those parents are taking the pageant to another level...a level that is only going to hurt their child’s self esteem rather than boost it. The child is going to think being perfect is the only acceptable way to be when in reality perfect doesn’t even exist.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pageants and if I have a little girl I plan to put her in them but I will make sure she understands a glitz pageant is just for fun. It’s nice to get dressed up and model on stage—it makes you feel like a princess for a weekend. You can also learn a lot from pageantry if it’s done with the right intentions. They can teach you how to present yourself in positive ways—a warm smile, nice posture and how to be elegant.


April said...

Whoa... Did you notice how much this picture looks like Alic in Wonderland just in the post after it. My daughters will always be winning beauties to me! I love you!


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