Friday, March 1, 2013

Australia Revisited: Part 1

I've decided since I'm not doing anything fun this year for spring break because I'm going on a cruise in May, I'm going to relive my spring break from last year through several blog posts throughout the week.  So be sure to check back often!  Last year I had the amazing opportunity to travel all the way to Sydney, Australia for spring break :D  I went with my friend Chris to visit our friends Collins and Charlie.  Here is what we did the first few days:

We arrived in Sydney midday on Saturday march 3, 2012.  I can't remember everything we did but I know the weather was dreary and we were tired from traveling so it was a relatively lazy day.  Collins and Charlie picked us up from the airport and took us to get some snacks for the week.  We mostly stocked up on junkfood that we had never seen before haha.  That night we watched Sydney's Mardis Gras parade from the balcony of the apartment.  That was interesting.  If you don't know much about Sydney Mardi it ;)

The next morning Chris and I woke up relatively early as we hadn't yet adjusted to the time change.  Chris went for an early morning run and I stayed in the apartment getting ready for our first day in Sydney.  I keep kicking myself for not going on a run with him but at the time I was NOT a runner.  I believe he ran all the way to the opera house which was probably only a few miles (3ish) away but to me at the time that was VERY far away.  If/when I go back to Sydney I'm going to run everywhere.  I'm so upset I didn't take advantage of the opportunity when I had it.  But that's a nonrunner for you...skipping out on awesome scenery.  When he returned from his run I asked him if he'd mind finding a store to buy some toilet paper...I was staying in an apartment full of guys and there was no toilet paper.  That was a major problem hahahah. So Chris, being the good guy that he is, left and was gone for quite some time.  He didn't know his way around really so just kind of asked for directions as he walked around.  When he came back he said that toilet paper is ridiculously expensive in Australia.  Everyone knows that Australia is more expensive than here in the states but we still felt he paid too much.  When I went to get the toilet paper from him I realized he bought paper towels!!! fail. hahah nothing looks the same in Australia and he didn't recognize the brand so he just grabbed what he thought was toilet Well at least he tried.

We spent our first day in Sydney on Manly Beach.  We took a ferry boat ride past the Opera House to the beach. On the beach we walked around looking at all of the cool art and booths in the street market and went rollerblading.  It was my first time ever rollerblading...I got much better by the end of the day but it was rough at first.  We had so much fun.

This a few second clip of the ferry ride over to Manly Beach.  It may seem like an awkward video but it was for a video project I was working on for 2012 where I videoed one second of everyday.  I have tons of these short videos and will be posting the short ones I have of my Australia trip in these blog posts.

That night Chris and I had the opportunity to attend a service at the Hillsong church in Sydney.   It was a huge church, very contemporary and upbeat.

Ok that's all for now.  I'll post again tomorrow or the day after.