Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Frustrations of a Twenty-Something Girl

So im going to attempt to post this via my iPhone so I apologize for any typos in advance and I'll try to correct them when I'm near a computer.

Being a twenty something girl I experience a lot of frustrations and it's time to get a few off my chest.

Frustration #1 is my most recent experience with my iphone4. It really let me down the day before yesterday.  I set my alarm so I could make it to work 6am on Sunday.. I even went to bed by 9pm do I wouldn't oversleep.  That has to be the earliest I've gone to bed since arriving in florida.  However, instead of waking to my alarm at 4:30am like expected I woke up on my own at exactly 6am--the same time I should have been clocking in at the magic kingdom.  Thanks for nothing iPhone-- I was 40 minutes late to work on one of my last days here at Disney because of you! Thankfully I haven't called in or been late much so I'm still able to go seasonal. Maybe it's payback for all the other iPhones I abused but I don't deserve this. 

Frustration #2 is packing. As I was telling Diana Crowley last night I HATE (with all capital letters) packing/moving every few months. It's exhausting and such a waste of valuable time that I could be spending with the people I'm going to miss most.  I wish I could snap my fingers and my room and car could be packed and ready to go.  I guess it wouldnt be so bad if I didn't have to turn around and pack even for my return to chapel hill as soon as I make it to Jacksonville. 

Frustration #3 are uncontrollable  emotions. I ant stand being such an emotional person it makes me crazy. It never fails I start to fall for someone at the most inconvenient times. End of a semester, end of a summer, end of this internship...it sucks. Im in love with the idea of someone and that makes it hard to leave. He's everything i think i want, so completely different from all the others. It just makes me think what if we'd met at a different time, different place, would things be different? I'm driving myself crazy with all the what ifs. I just need to forget about them and start thinking about the nows, but that's much easier said then done.  The song "haunted" by Taylor Swift is the story of my life right now.  Pray for me-I'm extremely frustrated with my emotions. It'll all work out I'm sure. Cait and Anna the next time I say I'm not going to talk to boys while away, I'm going to stick to it because this is a mess.

Other things I'm frustrated by but dont care to elaborate on:
Cranky babies

Parents who shove terrified babies toward characters

Being ordered to take 20 photos with 1 person "one more, one more!"

Straightening hair

Having to pee 3 times in the middle of the night

Bad Floridian drivers

Being locked out of several accounts because I can't seem to keep my passwords straight. They all have different requirements.

Thank you for listening/reading my rants. I'm truly blessed to have such great friends.