Saturday, August 27, 2011

Procrastination at its Finest

To say that I have some reading to do would be an understatement. My first week of grad school was great but I can tell it’s going to be intense. I love to read...however, not required reading. But I suppose that’s how it usually goes. So here is procrastination at its finest. Blogging :)

While reading about the pathways of the Central Auditory System which goes something like this, Cochlear Nucleus-->Superior Olivary Complex-->Lateral Lemniscus-->Inferior Colliculus-->Medial Geniculate Body-->Auditory Cortex and Subcortex-->Corpus Callosum...(are you lost yet? Yea me too), my mind started to wander.

I started to think about my time here in Gainesville, not Florida, but specifically in Gainesville. I’ve only been settled here for about two weeks and I’ve already met so many people. Most of them are acquaintances and will stay acquaintances but some will become more than that..they will become my friends. All friends start out as acquaintances but not all acquaintances become friends. Acquaintances are people you say hi to and have polite conversations with...friends are much more than that. They are people you know, like, and trust. So how do we move from being just acquaintances to becoming friends? That’s easy..we invest time into the relationship. It’s not a specific amount of time but a regular amount of time. Making new friends is pretty easy but keeping up with old friends can be challenging.

I’m learning quickly that grad school is going to be one giant time sucker and I need to utilize my time wisely. I might not be able to talk to friends from NC everyday but I can keep in touch. If I don’t then they will slip into the acquaintance category. They need my time just as I need theirs.

This whole concept works just the same for my relationship with God. The past year I’ve had a lot of time to read His Word, to pray to Him, to talk to Him, and to worship Him. Now that the majority of my time is spent in a book or a clinic I refuse to let my time with Him slip. God will never be in my acquaintance category. Nurturing and furthering my relationship with Christ is of most importance. To help me do this I’m actively searching for a group of people who feel the same. I’m looking into several different bible studies and community groups. I like the church I’ve been attending and really like CRU and the people I’ve met there. I can’t wait to see where God places me and meet the people that will draw me closer to Him

Proverbs 18:24



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