Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blueberries and Wine

Blueberries and wine... today was a good day :)  My day started at 6:30am with a 5 mile run.  It’s the farthest I’ve ever ran.  I ran 2 miles before taking a walking break.  At mile 4 I was starting to feel a bit tired in the legs.  No huffing and puffing but heavy legs.  I feel like no matter the distance the last mile is always the toughest.  I think it must be a mind thing…My time is still improving so I’m happy :)  I’ve decided my goal is to finish the half marathon in under 2:30.  That’s not fast or anything but I think it’s a good goal for me as I just started running a month or so ago.   I’ve been recording all of my workouts and posting them on facebook via mapmyrun or dailymile.  It helps keep me motivated as I feel accountable to keep up with my weekly runs.  I like mapmyrun because it allows me to keep track of the pace and how far I run.  And I like dailymile because it gives me a better overall picture of my training.  I also like the motivation I receive from other runners and to look at their workouts…its inspirational as some of them are really hardcore.  I know not all of you are friends with me on facebook so I added a tracker on my blog so you can see how my training is going :)

Now that I’m just starting to get into my longer runs I decided it was time for a new pair of running shoes.  I got myself a nice compfy pair of Asics and they’re super cute too :)

After my run I ran some errands and then met my friends for a fun afternoon of blueberry picking and wine tasting at the Bluefield Estates Winery. Yumm.   I tried the following wines:  sweet blueberry, blackberry bliss, green apple affair, raspberry romance, sweet strawberry sensation, watermelon wonder, Windsor white, and peachy perfection.  Can you tell I like sweet dessert wines? haha

They were all good but my favorites were the strawberry, blackberry, and peachy wines.  I was really surprised that I liked the strawberry and blackberry wines because I don’t like strawberries or blackberries hahah.  Peachy perfection was all of our favorites but sadly they were sold out.    So I ended up buying a bottle of the Sweet Strawberry Sensation wine before leaving.  My roommate got 2 other flavors so we’re set on wine.

After wine tasting we went blueberry picking.  I’ve never been before…it was such a great time.  It was fun playing in the blueberry bushes with my friends.  Nice not worrying about school for an afternoon.  Just enjoying each other’s company and snacking on sweet blueberries in the warm sun as we filled our buckets :)

I had a lovely Saturday and hope you all did as well. 



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