Thursday, August 9, 2012

I passed Neuro!! So who wants some Starbucks?!

I passed Neuro!  And with a B :)  If you read back a few posts, you'd see a B wasn't looking likely.  I’m thankful God gave me the patience, dedication and brains to get through this course.  My brain is so exhausted from having to think about itself.  So it’s time for some rest and relaxation.  Today to celebrate my accomplishment, I’m making cupcakes with my roommate!  I wish I could share them with all of you but unfortunately I don’t think cupcakes taste very good after they’ve gone through the mail (although I can’t be certain).  However, I can share a coffee with you from 500+ miles away :)  How you may ask?  With a Starbucks eGift!  So in celebration of my passing grade I’m giving away a $7 Starbucks gift card to someone who comments on this blog.  I wanted to give away $7.29 for my birthdate, July 29, but Starbucks doesn’t allow it so I’m going with $7.  7 is also a lucky number.  I hope this card makes someone just as happy as I am about passing Neuro :)

So this is how it works:  all you have to do is post a comment.  Any comment you’d like, but I like ones that make me laugh.  Ask my friends, I love to be entertained! If you aren't funny it's ok, just say hi :) Everyone who comments get’s their name written on a sticky note and throne into something fun for drawing.  I’m posting this kind of late in the day so I’ll make the cutoff 8 am tomorrow.  When I return from my long run tomorrow I’ll announce the winner.  You have 11pm to claim it before it goes to the next sticky note (so remember to check my blog again tomorrow!!)  In addition to spreading happiness, I hope this is an incentive to those who read my crazy thoughts often.

Anyways, Good luck! And may the odds ever be in your favor! (cheesy hunger games plug…couldn’t help it!)


Louria said...

Great job!! Keep the faith!!

Amy San Pedro said...

Samantha: glad that Neuro went so well! Congratulations! Have more faith in your abilities, we all knew you could do it

Jamie said...

I called, does that count? :)

James said...

Super , glad you are done with that one. You know I am proud of ya ! I thought Neuro was hard when I took it too . I never did study, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express the night before the finals.Looking forward to seeing you soon !

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