Saturday, September 8, 2012

Seasons of Life

I’m struggling with comparisons.  Not comparing apples to oranges or triangles to squares but with comparing myself to others.  Lately, I’ve noticed rather than being thankful for where I am in life and where God is leading me, I’ve been catching myself focusing on what others have and questioning why I don’t have these things.  Everyday on my newsfeed a new story pops up informing me of someone buying a house, getting engaged, having a baby, or starting a new career.  I’m happy for the person for about 10 minutes until I selfishly start to think, “If they have that; why don’t I?  What’s wrong with me, am I not good enough?”  Sometimes I feel trapped by school…wanting to do something else/move on with my life yet I know I’m here studying for another 2 years and then an externship year.  It’s like I’m wishing my life away.  I know it’s wrong yet I catch myself doing it way too often. 

Today, I had a nice reminder from someone that this is just a season of life and it will pass.  However, I shouldn’t waste my time wishing it away and being envious over what others have.  Chances are they’re wanting what I have.  Instead of wishing I were somewhere else doing something new, I should focus on seeking the purpose of this season of life.  For me, this season means being a good steward of my time…I’m juggling so much these days, all the while dreaming of fitting in all these other things my friends have.   Today, I reminded myself for the one-millionth time that my priorities right now are seeking biblical community, being a strong student, and working hard in clinic and at my jobs.  I’m working hard at these things now so I can have the appropriate time and resources for my future family. 

I don’t need a house right now… this apartment suits me just fine.  I don’t need a new career…I’m working diligently towards one that I am very passionate about.  I’m going to try and embrace this season of life..I don’t want to miss anything God may have in store for me.

I wanted to share this with you all because I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who wishes for something different.  I want to encourage you to find comfort in knowing that every season has it's purpose even if you can't see it now.  And like every fall turns to winter and winter to spring...this season in your life will also change.  So embrace it while you have it :)


Elizabeth Wilson said...

A quote I heard, i think actually by Big Sean: The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.
And yes, you're not alone.

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