Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RunFlix Video of Five Points of Life Half Marathon 2013

RunFlix did the videography for the Five Points of Life Half Marathon that I ran Sunday. They asked me if they could use footage of me for their promotional video. Of course I said yes and here is the finished product! They went through all of the footage and picked out the shots of me for my own personal video.  I'm in the bright orange top with the white sides and black headband. My roommate is in the pink jacket. We're in a lot of the footage but really start popping up around the 3:15 mark. Check it out :)

The only thing I'd change about the video is to add in some mile markers.  They may be able to do it if you request it, I'm not sure.  I think I'll be able to do it myself once I get the DVD in the mail. When you order a video you can choose wether to have it set to inspirational music, rock music or no music at all.  I chose the inspirational because I figured I could always mute it and set it to my own music through iMovie on my Mac :) I'm really pleased with the video.  I've done some other larger races and none of them had the option for a full video like this...only clips of crossing the finish line and they're usually so much more expensive.  This is an awesome video at a really great price! 

So if you see RunFlix at one of your races I recommend checking them out.  www.runflix.com

**I did not receive any compensation for this and all opinions are my own :)

I will post a more detailed race re-cap a bit later so be on the look out.  Just know it was a great race and I'm ready for Princess this weekend!!


April Kasch said...

Enjoyed the video! Thanks for posting. Maybe one day I will get to do one of those races with you. :)

Love, Mom

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