Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exciting News--Fit2Run

Last night I went for a fun run with the Gainesville Fit2Run running store.  It was a fun 3 mile trail run.  I’m loving the trail runs this spring/summer as it provides some much needed shade.  Thank God for trees and shade!  The only thing that makes me nervous about running on unfamiliar trails is that I’m afraid of getting lost.  The trails I ran last night were new to me so I wanted to stick with the pack.  I ran side by side with someone else for 2 miles until I decided to run at my own pace.   Before the run started I was told it was pretty much a straight shot once we hit the trails so I felt ok splitting up.  Of course as soon as I decide to separate I come to a fork in the trail.  There was no straight! Haha It was pick right or left.  The right path looked very narrow so I chose left. I ran for a bit and decided I must be going the wrong way as I wasn’t running into anyone. So,  I turned around and ran back until I ran into an Air Force guy—asked him if he knew the trails, he didn’t so we chose a path together.  We chose left.  We made it back  ;)  After talking with some of the other runners evidently left wasn’t the intended path.  We were supposed to choose right but we still made it back just with a bit of extra mileage hahah.  Exploring on trails is fun.

Now, time for some exciting news!  Last night I also officially became an Ambassador for Fit2Run.  I’m excited for the year ahead as an Ambassador.   This opportunity allows me to network with others who share my love of running and to help promote the running lifestyle.  As I’ve said before, running is so much more than a hobby.  It truly is a lifestyle—you overall live healthier.  Running has effected my physical fitness, my mood, what I eat, how I prioritize my time and budget.  All of these changes have been for the better.  As a Fit2Run ambassador I’d like to encourage more people to live a healthier lifestyle and to at least TRY running or run/walking.  Honestly, the most difficult part of running is just getting started.  I started out just wanting to run consistently for 90 days (no specific amount—in the beginning I barely completed a mile a day).  At some point during that time frame I started to fall in love with running.  I know you can too!

As a Fit2Run Ambassador I’m going to be running some of my races in this sweet new singlet!  So keep your eye out for me on the courses :)  I love the neon colors!

My Race Schedule as a Fit2Run Ambassador: (Results and recaps will be posted)

35th Annual Melon Run 5K—July 4
2nd Annual Cross Country 10K the rock trails—August 23
Tower of Terror 10 miler— October 5
Wine and Dine Half Marathon—November 9
Space Coast Marathon— December 1
WDW 10K—January 10
WDW Marathon—January 12
Tinkerbell Half Marathon—January 19
Princess 10K—February 22
Princess Half Marathon—February 23
(More Races to come!)



PrincessMia said...

The Space Coast Marathon sounds really cool! I've never heard of it.

I'll be doing the WDW Marathon, my first. I'll keep an eye out for your neon ;)

I saw your post on the Disney Pacebook Running Club, btw :)

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