Saturday, August 7, 2010

Arrived in Florida

Well I've made it to Florida but left my life in North Carolina.  I'm currently in St. Petersburg visiting my stepsister before heading to Orlando on Monday.  It seems though that I've left everything important at home.  I need my social security card/or passport to fill out employee eligibility forms on Monday but guess what.  I have left  both of those documents at home.  My sister will have to overnight them to me as soon as I figure out my address.  I hope they still let me check in---keep your fingers crossed.

I've also left my external harddrive at home with all of my Bones and True Blood episodes!  OH NO! I'll have that mailed as well along with my GPS that didn't come in the mail until today (I used my sister's to get here)

Oh and I'm still missing my wireless router, but Alex Miller will be taking care of that soon....hopefully.

Other than all of the missing things.  I'm here safe and its Hottt outside.  Miss you all.

L & L


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