Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of Training!

I've been out of training for a few days and have decided that I may never leave--at least not as soon as I've planned.  I'm still adjusting to everything but I don't have anything to complain about.  I'm never bored because everyday is different.  I hardly work with the same people, which can be a double edged sword  because although its great to meet so many different people and have a lot of variety in my day to day work it kind of sucks because I'm not given much time to get know all of them.  I was really excited when I was scheduled with on the girls who was in my training group yesterday :) 

Today I was friends with Annie from the Little Einsteins--she's a cute little three year old with blonde pigtails.  She like to play patty cake with her friend Leo, chase shadows and twirl around in her dress.  She even did the electric slide when her attendant suggested it.  (Attendants walk around and stay with the characters and performers to make sure they're safe while out in the parks). A lot of the younger guests in Hollywood studios enjoy Annie's company. 

Work is becoming much easier and I'm not as tired at the end of my shifts. Yay.  I've also had the chance to go to venture to the Magic Kingdom.  I rode a few rides but spent most of my time walking around taking pictures, watching parades and shows and just enjoying being a guest in the Magic Kingdom.  I think on my next day off I'll either visit EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.  Before I leave here I want to do an around the world at EPCOT--this is where you go around to each of the countries and try one of their specialty drinks.  It sounds fun and tasty :)  I'm meeting more people in my apartment complex so I have more people to go out and visit the parks with.  Tomorrow is another pool party so I'm sure I'll meet even more people then. 

Still feeling the magic
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April said...

I have tried to post to this 3 times. This will be my final attempt.

It really sounds like you are having a magical time! I am so jealous that Annie got to do the electric slide. I bet I could have showed her a few moves myself. Maybe when I get to come visit the parks, she will be doing the Cha Cha slide and I can join in!

Sounds like you have made a lot of friends with the various Disney characters. I hope you are not getting in the way down there.

Well take care and keep posting updates. Sure miss you around here and cant wait till November when we will be able to come visit.

I love you,

Alison Miller said...

I am so happy for you! Jealous, but happy!!!

PS - I bestowed a most special honor on you...

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