Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Job is Better than Yours :)

Hey so its been a few days and some people are asking for an update. This is going to be really random and all over the place but that’s what I get for waiting so long to blog. I’ve decided not to reveal my character to perserve the integrity of the Disney Company.  So far I’ve been crazy busy moving in and attending a lot of meetings. On Monday, I filled out all of my initial paperwork got my room key and was sent down to casting for fingerprinting and background checks. That took several hours and by the time I was done it was dinner time so I went and had my last meal with my mom and Jim at Cici’s. They left close to 8 pm. My roommates are all nice so no problems on that front so far.

On Tuesday, I had a housing meeting which was rather intimidating because their favorite phrase was “you’ll be terminated.” They’re pretty strict here and it seems like you can be terminated for almost anything so we’ll all have to be on our toes. A bunch of us have made it a running joke. The meeting was only supposed to be 2 hours but ended up being 3 because everyone kept asking rather stupid questions. We aren’t allowed to open the windows here but were not made aware of that until Tuesday. Well this one kid I met on Monday told me at the housing meeting that he had tried to open his window and ended up breaking it. He’s luck he didn’t fall through. I told him he better be glad he broke it before the housing meeting or “he’d be TERMINATED” lol. He told me he wasn’t feeling the magic of Disney quite yet and I don’t blame him.

Today was my first day of paid work but I wasn’t doing my actual job. It was just a traditions class on all things Disney. I got to take a tour of the underground tunnels in the Magic Kingdom—that was really cool. It’s kind of like a Willy Wonka moment when you go from backstage to onstage. You go from normal people to fairytale land it really is amazing and feels magical. Yea I know, my job is definitely better than yours :) I got my name tag today which is a pretty big deal because mickey mouse delivered them—everyone was sooo excited. I also got my Disney ID which lets me get all of my discounts and entries into the park. I was going to go this afternoon but its raining right now. It rains here ALOT.

Tomorrow, I start training for my actual character role and am super excited. I think it’s still going to be a bunch of rule learning because the attire is professional but the rest of my training days are in rehearsal clothes.  I do know that while I’m here I’ll probably less modest about changing in front of people. Poor Belle today missed her bus and ended up getting on our bus and was running really late for her show in Tune town. She wasn’t completely dressed yet so had to finish dressing on the bus. A guy on my program was nice enough to hold up his jacket in front of her so she’d have some privacy. Poor girl. Note to self the buses here do not stop for you if you run after them like they do in chapel hill.

I’m going to leave you with some interesting Disney language because they definitely have their own way of communicating:

No such thing as lost children---just lost parents

NO Kiddie leashes—they’re toddler tethers

You’ll never have to pick up someone’s vomit or puke—just clean up they’re protein spills

Ok thats it for now. Pool party tomorrow if I get off of work in time and its not raining )




Anonymous said...

this is so great! i'm so excited for you and i'm so happy that you're keeping a blog to share this with us. :)

Alison Miller said...

Can't wait to find out who you are!

Samantha said...

Thanks guys :)

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