Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Technology Hates Me

As promised this one will be short

I’m convinced technology hates me. Two nights ago my laptop decided to fail on me just as it did in Florida back in September. So once again I’m without a laptop :( But its not just my laptop..all computers hate me..
The day after my laptop broke the computer I use to develop pictures froze on me and then the office computer refused to process and print the signs I needed. That is 3 computers in 36hrs that stopped working for me!! I’m positive if I had a watch on it would have stopped ticking! I sure hope this computer I’m using now doesn’t stop working because it isn’t mine..So yes technology hates me. But that’s not what this post is about…I want to address the response to my last post.

I was thrilled to see how many people actually read my blog and listened to what I had to say. I can see in the stats of my blog that the views nearly tripled and to think I thought no one would be interested in reading what I had to write. I am blessed to have so many new readers. Now that I know you are out there and listening , I want to share someone else’s blog with you. You may ask why persuade all of your new followers to follow another blog?…well the author blog inspires me and has touched my life. His name is Josh, he is a 22yr old recent grad just as I am. I met him in Orlando and knew from the very first time I spoke to him that he was someone I needed in my life. I knew there was something to be learned from this kid. Read his blog and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I encourage you not only to read his blog but follow it! God speaks loud and clear through his posts.

You’ll probably need to make an account to follow his as he doesn’t have an email link like I do but its real easy and free to set up an account so take the 5 minutes and sign up please. With an account it’ll be much easier to comment as well so you won’t have to mess with facebook or email anymore. I enjoy hearing your comments and I’m sure he will too.

Read his blog here:

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