Friday, April 15, 2011

Victoria Secret Intervention

If you were to look into my underwear drawers you’d find 59 panties 48 of which are from Victoria Secret and 19 bras 10 being Victoria Secret. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I had a lot of underwear but didn’t realize just how much. Most girls have 5 or 6 bras they wear and only 2 or 3 nice ones...I have 19!! It’s like I’m never satisfied with my underwear. Thats enough bras and panties to last me two months without doing laundry. I don’t know about you but I end up having to do laundry every other week for other things anyways. This is a problem that I need to fix. Now you might be wondering what made me examine my underwear drawers so closely...I was questioning if I am indeed a material girl.

People do not want to be labeled as materialistic because materialism has a negative connotation. Which it rightly should as being materialistic is sinful. I was reading in the book of Joshua about Achan’s sin. I don’t want to lose you hear so I’ll sum it up briefly. Achan coveted and took some treasure that was sacred to the LORD. He was stoned for his actions. Achan succumbed to the impulse and desire for possessions that he did not need and were not his.

The Webster Dictionary definition of materialistic is focusing on material things—“concerned with material wealth and possessions at the expense of spiritual or intellectual values”. Achan was materialistic, he cared more about taking the treasure than obeying the LORD.

Now back to me...after reading this I wanted to see if I’m materialistic. Well after looking into my underwear drawer I don’t think I could say with a straight face that I haven’t given in to materialism at some point. There is no reason to have so many undergarments, especially ones that are so expensive. No one but me even sees why am I concerned with having so many pairs of nice panties and bras? I need a Victoria Secret intervention. I need to stop buying so much of something I don’t need. Its just a label. I’ve already made 2 purchases from VS this month and its only the 15th! I was going to be making a third purchase this weekend with the reward card I earned from the previous purchases but after reading this excerpt I will not let myself succumb to materialism. Sorry Angel Card, no more reward points this month....I am going to try my best not to make unnecessary purchases. And buying a bra that’s straps perfectly match my current favorite sundress does not constitute a necessary purchase (darn!)

I don’t think I’ll be stoned for being a little materialistic but I do think God will discipline me in other ways. Take my recent experience for example, I made those 2 unnecessary purchases at the beginning of the month and then just a few days ago my computer breaks and an unexpected $60 expense occurs. If I hadn’t wasted $75 on a swimsuit (I already have 2) and panties I didn’t need, I’d have the extra padding that would make $60 less stressful to my budget. NO MORE panties SAMANTHA!!

So yes I just did write an entire blog post on bras and panties but please don’t let that distract you from God’s message...materialism is sinful. Have you looked in your closet lately?


April said...

Well my first reaction when I read the first sentence was, OMG! My child has lost her mind, she went from Falling In Love with God to discussing her undergarments with the world! But like any other concerned mom, I stayed the course and finished the blog.

What a way to put an excessive habit into context. When I used to smoke professionals always said, just add up the $$$ you spend on those cigarettes and that should be enough to put them down. I am so glad I conquered that addicition. But to get the record straight, were those "need" items or "want" items? lol

It sounds like you and God have been having some rewarding conversations. I am so excited for you! Your message rings clear for a lot of us. Now that Grad school is around the corner, I think I know exactly where those VS $ can be more useful. I look forward to what message will come next.

I will always love you, even if you are telling the world about your panties. Keep that flame for the Lord burning. I like the "new" you!

With all my love, Mom

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